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Sex Tips

Best Positions For Every Penis Size

Best Positions For Every Penis Size


Crouching dragon

With your partner on all fours and knees at the edge of the bed, stand behind them with your feet hip width apart.

Ask your partner to keep their legs close together to intensify the sensation for both of you.

As your arms are free, you can reach over to touch their body in whatever ways they enjoy the most.

Reverse cowgirl or cowboy

Reverse cowgirl or cowboy is another popular position for deeper penetration that lets your partner take the reins.

Start by lying down flat on the bed. Your partner can then climb on top of you, facing away from you so that they are looking towards the direction of your feet.

Once you’re inside your partner, ask them to move up and down building momentum at a pace that feels good to them.

Support them by placing your hands on their waist as you get to a pace that works for the both of you. By leaning forward, your partner can play with movement – experimenting with back and forth or circular movements to vary the speed and depth of penetration.

The lotus

This is a revamped version of missionary position that you both might enjoy. It’s only involves a little tweak on the classic, but as we all know, the small things can make a big difference.

Start off in missionary, then ask your partner to bend their legs at a slight angle and rest their feet on your hips. This position shortens the vaginal canal or anus, giving you both the feeling of deeper penetration.

To turn up the heat even more, add a sex toy for that added stimulation and experiment with our range of pleasure gels.


When it comes to having a large penis, sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing. If you’ve just started dating someone and they’re feeling a little overwhelmed, here are some sex positions to try.

The cherry on top

This is a good position to try if you have a large penis as the angle of penetration isn’t as deep. This position also has the bonus of leaving your hands free so that you can reach around and play with your lover’s body.

Lie down on your back – the bed, a cosy rug, wherever you prefer works. Then your partner can lie on top of you with their back pressing against your chest, so that you are both looking towards the ceiling with your legs straight.

Depending on the height difference, the back of your partner’s head will find a nice snug spot to rest in on your shoulder or chest and they can put their arms wherever is comfortable.

Seated straddle

Another trick is to choose positions that let your partner control the depth of penetration.

Sit down in a chair or on the edge of the bed with your knees bent and feet on the ground. At this point, your partner is standing up facing you.

They can then get on top of you, so that they are resting on their knees and with one leg on either side of you.

Not only is this great for if you have a big penis, it’s also very intimate as you can wrap your arms around each other and make eye contact throughout.

Spooning sex

This position reduces the depth of penetration and is great if you’re feeling intimate – everyone likes spooning, right?

Lie down on your side behind your partner so that you are the big spoon and they are the small spoon.

One of the best things that you can do if you have a large penis is to always include lots of foreplay so that your partner is relaxed. When you’re having sex, try to go slow and use lube – lots of it.

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